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Keeping it simple

Image via Wikipedia Jesus kept it simple – real simple. He steered clear of religious talk and jargon. He spoke simply and plainly. He found the sinners where they lived and then communicated with them in language they could understand. … Continue reading

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She might have cleaned up after Presidents, but she worked for God

“Each night for 24 years, she would diligently clean the White House. When she came to the president’s chair, she would pause, cleaning materials in hand, and say a quick prayer.” So reads the lead in yesterday’s Washington Post. Emma … Continue reading

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Atta boy

“Well done.”“Great job.”“Wow. Impressive.” We like praise. We love praise. We crave praise. It started as children when even the worse drawing with a blunt crayon was hung on the refrigerator. Proudly beaming for days, we sulked when it finally … Continue reading

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Will we ever trust again?

“…Let your yes be yes and your no be no….” Matt 5:33 Trust is a critical component — in the workplace, in the home, in churches and in politics. Nothing will derail good intentions faster than a lack of trust.Many … Continue reading

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“Trust me”

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A cobblestone road to hope

Get up. Work. Talk. Eat. Sleep. Do it all again.Is today just another day, a repeat of yesterday? Like an actor in a long-running production, I play the same part. I repeat the same movements, echoing the same lines, interacting … Continue reading

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Happiness is not a right

“Of all the different purposes set before mankind, the most disastrous is surely “the pursuit of happiness,” slipped into the American Declaration of Independence along with “life and liberty” as an unalienable right, almost accidentally, at the last moment. Happiness … Continue reading

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Are you happy?

Where does true happiness come from? Not in unbelief — Voltaire was an infidel of the most pronounced type. He wrote: “I wish I had never been born.” Not in pleasure — Lord Byron lived a life of pleasure, if … Continue reading

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Peter Piper picks

Red Letter Believers made Peter Piper’s Picks. So, we are returning the love! Read the 10’Clock Scholar blog here.

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Losing your job, but finding your faith

Millions have lost their jobs. And despite government promises, millions of others will probably lose their jobs this year. Are we ready for this reality? What can we, as Red Letter Believers and followers of God offer? Do you have … Continue reading

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