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What are you chasing?

Some dogs chase cars. Some dogs chase bikes. Some dogs chase other dogs.Some dogs will chase after anything you throw at them. A stick, a frisbee, a can. Eager they are. Then you have the dogs that chase nothing. They … Continue reading

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What’s the difference?

“What’s the difference between an unbeliever who will not go to church and the Christian who is never there? Between a heathen who does not believe the Bible and a Christian who never studies it? Between an atheist who never … Continue reading

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“Trust me”

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Say What?

Outside my office building there is a courtyard where the smokers convene in one corner. Theirs is a sub-culture that non-smokers observe with curiosity (and sometimes with disdain) as the regulars gather every couple of hours at a preset time. … Continue reading

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A Frayed Faith

“There is a pull toward living and believing the same thing.There is no room for thinking one thing and then living another.” — Isaac Slade, of the The Fray, USA Weekend, Feb. 1, 2008What do you think about those who … Continue reading

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Swimming upstream in a downstream world

Christians in this brave, new world are in a conundrum. We have a 2,000 year old faith that is increasingly pushed to irrelevancy by well-funded skepticism, unprecedented sensual freedom, and a growing tide of dispassionate boredom with anything that doesn’t … Continue reading

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One A Day

Unless you’re a hermit, you’ll interact with a number of people through the course of any given day. Meeting these people can be chalked up to chance — or you can see them as divine appointments. Is it possible that … Continue reading

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