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I surrender

If I had one, I’d hoist a white flag at my desk. Because, I give up. I surrender. And by end of this post, I hope you’ll do the same. There are “barbarians” all around – competitors, coworkers, subordinates and … Continue reading

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Inside out

We are easily fooled by the external. The smart sports car with its oversized rims and low-slung appearance could actually be full of fast food wrappers and the smell of old onion rings. The tidy, upscale home in the high-end … Continue reading

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When the boss isn’t looking

“Just leave me alone, and I’ll perform.” Ah, the self starter. If you are a manager, this can be a dream employee — a high performer that needs little supervision. Independence is something I crave. And many of you love … Continue reading

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The Human Race

“Our employees are our greatest resource.” Do we really believe this? Human resources. Human capital. Associates. Representatives. Team Members. These are different things companies call the people that perform the work that generates value and ultimately profit. In today’s hyper-competitive … Continue reading

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