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Me, Myself and I. Who Get’s the Glory?

The worst conversation you can have with someone is when that person constantly refers to themselves, their experiences and their opinion. It’s a one-uppance that just can’t be overcome. Whatever place you’ve been, they went to a better one. Whatever … Continue reading

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Can’t Find Satisfaction at Work? You’re Right on Track.

Last week, I opened up the book of Ecclesiastes and read the yearnings of Solomon. A man on the outside that looks like he had it all. But really, he was a sorry sap, a man looking for satisfaction in … Continue reading


Finding comfort in the company of the Bible’s baddest dudes

Since I was barely out of the womb, I’ve been in church. Sunday school, bible studies, small groups, sermons. I figure I’ve got several years worth of hours of teaching soaked in there somewhere. I’m still amazed that I’m still … Continue reading


Looking for God in all the wrong places

If you ever think the Bible is from ancient days and really doesn’t apply to modern society, read Ecclesiastes. Solomon was a king. He had thousands of women at his beck and call. He had gold and rubies, silver and rubies. … Continue reading

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When Doubt is Good

“There lives more faith in honest doubt, believe me, than in half the creeds” — Lord Alfred TennysonA few years ago, I entered a fishing derby. These derbies are traditionally filled with anglers who look for the proverbial “whopper” in … Continue reading

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My chosen mediocrity

I remember my first bad grade. In my home, it was a major event. I coolly dropped the card next to my Mom’s purse, hoping she would just sign it off. No such luck. She saw the C in social … Continue reading

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I’m alive. At least, I think I am.

Last week a Greeley Colorado man was surprised to hear of his own death. Apparently, his obituary had run in the local paper, placed by a family member upset with Edgar Balderrma’s . Friends and family were calling  Balderrma’s wife. Well-wishers descended … Continue reading

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