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Lying, cheating on the job continues to rise

The Ethics Resource Center has released their annual report on ethics in the workplace. No surprise, but the lying, the cheating, and the misconduct at work are getting worse. More than 56 percent of employees have personally observed violations of … Continue reading

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Life is Short

“Are you on this planet to do something, or are you just here for something to do?”— James Kounzes Try this little assignment Take a long look at the first older person you see (let’s say seventies or higher is … Continue reading

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When to quit your job

There are times when it necessary — even beneficial — to quit your job. For some workers, there are intolerable conditions that are better left in the rear-view mirror. You may need to reposition your future and go in a … Continue reading

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Go ahead – Criticize me

When we are criticized, our natural first response is defensive. We may minimize the problem or make excuses. We can deflect, detour and dismiss. And the worst thing we can do is blame. Red Letter Believers – those who live … Continue reading

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Go ahead, irritate me!

In life, there always seems to be somebody that finds a way to get under my skin. I have one button, and they always find a way to push it. Intentional or not, there is a certain “tension” that always … Continue reading

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Can we solve our schedules?

Life’s difficulties are often purported to be solved in easy solutions. 12 Steps to an Alcohol Free Life. 6 Ways to a Thinner You. 8 Ways To Create More Time. The 90 Second Cook. I have subscribed to many of … Continue reading

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