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Spinning the truth

If you were around in the 70’s, you’ll never forgot the movie Jaws, adapted from Peter Benchley’s book. Let’s just say it wasn’t beach reading.  The premise was simple. A eastern seaboard resort town. Families on vacation. Sun. Laughter. Swimming. And a … Continue reading

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It’s all in the follow through — The one lesson I should have learned

I was just ten, but I vividly remember Coach Dan. I never cared for him and I think the feeling was mutual. Unlike his superstar son, I was slow footed and less than athletic. I was a little joker. He was … Continue reading

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Stone Crossings: No pain. No Gain.

This modern age, full of innovation, technology and promise is perhaps best known by its brokenness.  Marriages split with increased regularity, families are in upheaval and society is in disarray. Watch daytime television for all the evidence you need. Tune in … Continue reading

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Breaking the Rules

Tiger Woods, the talented, but tortured golfer, has another hurdle to cross in his quest for redemption. This week, he was caught by a television camera spitting on the green during the final round of the Dubai Desert Classic. Apparently, … Continue reading

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Poisoning the well

L-i-a-r I type the four letters slowly. You see, I’m not writing about a politician or a fraudulent businessman. I’m not writing about some scoundrel or gangster. It’s me. I told a lie. I knew it as soon as I … Continue reading

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The work of a Handyman

This article was written by Denver Handyman Philip Faustin. I’ve known him for a number of years and wish I were half the man he is. This article was originally published at The High Calling. Philip’s blog can be found here. The … Continue reading

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Dream a little dream with me

 Photo by Jenny H, by permission.  As a chubby nine-year old, I dreamt of a new bike, gleaming. Perhaps a birthday surprise? I promised to God that if I got it I would clean it everyday and always … Continue reading

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Warm hearts and cold days

Photo by bummy2810 via Flikr  “It’s so cold that the snowman knocked on the front door and asked to sleep on the couch” Now, that’s funny. Cold hearts. Frozen bank accounts. Chilled relationships. Now, that’s serious. “Out of the south … Continue reading

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God, here’s my resume

I’m working on my resume for God. He didn’t ask for it and it might be a silly exercise. But I want to be ready, just in case God needs it. Date of birth. Well he knows that. I better … Continue reading

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