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Save me from myself

We realize that not all readers of this blog listen – or even appreciate – any kind of music that calls itself “heavy metal.” Music divides far more often than it unites. But we are intrigued by the story of … Continue reading

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Beyond politics

We were recently introduced to a group of men and women who are trying to make a difference in the workplace – something near and dear to our hearts. These believers go by the name of Capitol Ministries are looking … Continue reading

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The Lights of Christmas

Christmas is a season of bright lights. They adorn our windows and our homes. Strings of multicolored lamps festively dance on trees flashing in a thousand combinations. Some blink in reckless abandon, while others flow in majestic choreographed ballets. Some … Continue reading

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The temple of America

The security guard who was trampled to death on Black Friday at a Long Island Wal-Mart should not be forgotten. In fact, blogger Steve over at “Thy Grace is Sufficient” has an amazing post on “The Wal-Mart Death on all … Continue reading

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Keep your eyes on your own paper

Blame the President. Blame Congress. Blame the oil companies. Blame the banks. Blame the rich. Blame the Democrats. Blame the Republicans. Blame Wall Street. Blame Hollywood. And this national blame game spills over into our personal lives. We blame coworkers … Continue reading

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Group Writing Project: Taste and See, Reflections of 2008

This is an open invitation to everyone to reflect on this past year. Listen to the news or read the papers, and it hasn’t been such a hot 12 months on a number of fronts. But we know that our … Continue reading

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Being There

There’s a difference between showing up in life and actually being ‘present’. Take the average workplace. Anyone can just punch in, fill a seat for eight hours, punch out and cash the checks – and never really be seen, heard … Continue reading

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His, ours, and mine

We all have things that we are gifted to do. Some of us are good with numbers. Others are good with words. Some of us are good with our hands. Some are good with their minds. It’s the variety that … Continue reading

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Elephants in the pews

Amidst the songs and sermons and outreach and discipleship that goes on in today’s churches, there is an elephant in the sanctuary – a silent, unspoken force. It’s the workplace. Secular work is rarely discussed from the pulpit, despite the … Continue reading

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I’m not that adaptable

When we talk to people about how they can change their world, a common response is “I’m not ready for that yet.”There is a tremendous sense of inadequacy. Indeed, we are all beset by sins and failures, fears and temptations. … Continue reading

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