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Alone in a crowd

We are a lonely people. While money buys automobiles, homes, and clothes it ultimately buys isolation. If we were without this wealth, we would once again learn interdependence on each other. We would learn the meaning of borrowing a cup … Continue reading

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Eleanor Rigby, your coworker, and you

Image via Wikipedia Materialism is such a false lover. It leaves us empty and cold. Still, we buy and we charge and we consume. And in the end we swallow the bitter pill of rejection. Our toys stand lifeless, unable … Continue reading

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Are you lonely?

Image by Michelle Brea via Flickr We are a lonely people. Even in a crowded room of people we have all heard the cry and ache of our souls. It is pervasive and deep as our whole society is entangled … Continue reading

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Here’s the link

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Work would be great — except for the people

Our friends over at “Think Christian” have a fascinating post on work and how it molds the way we view humanity at large. Nathan, the author, suggests that “that our line of work…shapes our view of human nature.” For example: … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, the first frost, and the Christian walk

Image by vinduhl via Flickr The bite of fall is in the air. It snuck in while we weren’t watching.Suddenly the leaves in the trees are slightly off-color, the mornings are a little crisper, and the evenings a little darker.It … Continue reading

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The break out

Do you feel trapped? At work, are you chained to a desk you despise, doing work you dislike, working for a boss who doesn’t care? Likely, the rest of your life is simliarly imprisoned…and you are serving concurrent sentences. If … Continue reading

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Labor day reflections

Image via Wikipedia Talk to almost any working person and they’ll tell you that Labor Day is the bookend to summer — a sad closure to an already too-short summer. The day may be filled with family, travel or BBQs. … Continue reading

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