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Unexpected blessings

I’ve been a little slow to remove the pumpkin from the porch. Why hurry? The bright orange adds color to the creeping brown of winter.  The lawn is succumbing to the cold nights. The decorative flowers are now crumpled to the … Continue reading

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Creation: Questions, Answers and Mystery

As the High Calling newsletter editor, I have the pleasure of reading and featuring other bloggers from around the network. It’s a great position that allows me to encourage others, and at the same time be inspired by great writing.  I … Continue reading

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Speeding by the scenic overlook

I treasure my sight. Test me and I’ll prove it.  Throw an object at me and I’ll instinctively protect my eyes. The flinch is a built-in radar to guard our most precious organ. Although I value what I see, I take … Continue reading

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Is there really anything to be thankful for?

The turkey is a little slimmer this year. The trimmings are a little leaner. Thanks to trillions of dollars lost in market equity, rising unemployment and record drops in home prices, the times are signficantly tougher. The economic slump really sees … Continue reading

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“Somebody help me”

Have you ever asked for a little help? Right now I’m reading Billy Coffey’s Snow Day. He tells the story about an elderly man in a crowded store shouting out, “Help me. Somebody help me.”  People cautiously began to venture … Continue reading

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The molester down the hall. Should I ignore him?

It was nothing short of appalling. Twenty years ago something unspeakable happened at a sleepover. A stupid thing really, but a child was damaged. A family torn apart. A community horrified. A permanent label was applied to this once upstanding … Continue reading

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The sum of a life (in 125 words or less)

It’s a curious mess. Many writers start out with a grand vision and they attack the keyboard without any regard. They simply throw ideas, furiously typing anything that comes into their head. Photo by Brenda, I’m no different. Stray thoughts. Disconnected … Continue reading

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Can death be holy?

Click here to get all future issues sent directly via email. She said we should help create a “holy space.”  The nurse who was charged with the dying had perhaps the best and worst job anywhere. On one hand, she … Continue reading

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Ode to my father

I’ve been out of touch this week, as I’ve had the sadness — and the honor of saying goodbye to my father who lived for 93 years. I’ll write some observations about this process over the coming days, but for … Continue reading

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