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A world without clocks

“What would we do without clocks?” That was the question I asked myself after reading Ann Voskamp’s wonderful post over at Holy Experience. And then I mused, “What could I gain if I weren’t in such a hurry? What am … Continue reading

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The upside of down

Pick up the newspaper, listen to the talk at any coffee shop, look at the faces in the crowd, and you’ll know that times are tough. It seems that nearly every industry has taken a hit, dragging investments, housing and … Continue reading

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"I lost my job, but I found my life"

The boss was probably making several calls that night. The company was downsizing, and a random lottery chose those who would be fired. But the reaction to one of those calls was probably was a complete surprise.” “I told him … Continue reading

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I give up

It’s amazing how much time I spend trying to defending my territory, holding on to what I think I’ve earned. Like an ancient warrior, I patrol what I’ve conquered and repel all those who might challenge it. The American founders … Continue reading

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Letting our hair down

Normally this blog is reserved for serious, weighty matters. There’s plenty to contemplate, to resolve, and to do. We are all works in progress. But frankly, I’m ready for a good laugh, and hope you are too. Here are a couple … Continue reading

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I’m no accident

I have spent many days wandering the mountains, lakes and streams of the Rocky Mountains. I used to have a job where I actually got to fly fish on my lunch hour — I should have never left that one. … Continue reading

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The unbeliever in me

I have always been shocked at how atheists function in a world so rich and full of life and wonder. Look at the unspoken sadness of modern-day atheists like Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and Sam Harris. How do they shake the … Continue reading

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Information is no substitute for communication

The heralded arrival of the Information Age is upon us, and has been for a number of years. It’s filled with high-tech devices and satellite images and instant communications. Data fills our desktops, our airwaves, our cable systems and our … Continue reading

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Bless the work of our hands

If our perspective of work life is blurry, then the Church has not helped clear up our vision. The Church has done a wonderful job teaching us all about spiritual gifts and fellowship and holiness – all precious tenets of … Continue reading

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You say you want revolution?

Two thousand years ago, there was unrest in the land. The Jewish Zealots were looking for a savior to overthrow the Romans. They sought to cast out the invaders, to reclaim their borders, to establish self rule again. This proud … Continue reading

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