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Guest Post, Marcus Goodyear: "The service is what matters"

For the next two weeks we’ll bring you some of the most interesting bloggers from the blogosphere all sharing what they learned from their first job. I already have a couple of dozen posts lined up, but there’s still room for … Continue reading

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Bless the work of our hands

If our perspective of work life is blurry, then the Church has not helped clear up our vision. The Church has done a wonderful job teaching us all about spiritual gifts and fellowship and holiness – all precious tenets of … Continue reading

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Without a second thought

Do you remember how you landed your last job? For me, it was a process marked by cautious optimism, fueled by trust in Someone who had my best interests in mind. I fretted over my resume and application, making sure … Continue reading

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How the sausage gets made

Image via Wikipedia Every company tries to put it’s best face forward. The counters are clean. The floors gleam with reflective wax. The lights are positioned to reflect the bright surfaces. The people at the front are schooled and trained … Continue reading

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Does it matter?

Admittedly, going to work isn’t always easy. Who wouldn’t rather play or spend time at home. But going to a job that really doesn’t seem to make a difference — to anyone — can be numbing. In high school, I … Continue reading

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She might have cleaned up after Presidents, but she worked for God

“Each night for 24 years, she would diligently clean the White House. When she came to the president’s chair, she would pause, cleaning materials in hand, and say a quick prayer.” So reads the lead in yesterday’s Washington Post. Emma … Continue reading

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What we can learn from a paperboy

We generally associate “holy professions” as pastors, priest, missionaries and evangelists. But there is much to learn from a simple paperboy. Sam over at New Breed of Advertisers posted this poem last week: Sodden soaked to the skin our paperboy … Continue reading

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