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Would anybody miss you?

This worker apparently died at his desk — and no one found him till several days later. If true, this is a sad commentary. If this is a hoax, it’s a warning. Get your priorities straight!

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Workplace reformation

The serene beauty of a holy life is the most powerful influence in the world next to the power of God. — Blaise PascalThe reformation brought about many things in the sixteenth century, including a destruction of aristocracy, an unprededented … Continue reading

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Is God on my team?

It’s a common thing in sports for well-meaning players to give God praise in post-game interviews. There are many athletes who offer prayer in tough situations. Cornerback Deon Sanders said this “When it’s fourth down, I pray. I’m seeking God’s … Continue reading

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"Oh. Sorry." Patriot coach caught cheating on the job

In this space, we have highlighted about the need for integrity at the workplace. Theft of time, fudging numbers and other falsehoods might work in the short run – but in the end, they cut short productivity. The New England … Continue reading

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Workplace theft imperils productivity

One of the most widespread workplace issues is theft. Larceny, corruption, and cooking the books are so commonplace, that they are almost the expected. These kinds of shenanigans are helping lead us to a place of continual distrust – we … Continue reading

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Follow through

One baseball coach chanted over and again to me the same words. “It’s all in the follow through!” Somehow, I never got it right. In fact his words could apply to several sports: Baseball, football, Golf, Tennis, bowling. Almost all … Continue reading

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Progress or regress?

Prior to World War II, we were absorbed with making a living. Everything centered around survival. Since that point we have not only developed the technology to make our work easier but also allowed for boundless sensation. Instead of being … Continue reading

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