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What He said

The two of them stood swaying on the bus. I was lucky enough to hold a seat so I wouldn’t be thrown about by the potholes that the driver went out of his way to hit. I couldn’t help overhearing their conversation … Continue reading

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Eyes on the sky

I held the edge of the fabric high while a large fan blew the air into the cavernous inside. It was surprising how quickly the balloon filled.   So this is how they inflate these balloons? She showed us “helpers” … Continue reading

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The end of the world – maybe

The end is near! Apparently, Harold Camping, who has studied biblical numerology and prophecy, has  figured out the beginning of the end. And it may be closer than we think. In case you don’t know it, the world is ending … Continue reading

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Water sacrifice

The Mississippi River is rising.  It starts as a trickle in Northern Minnesota at Lake Itaska, and is little  more than a creek that you could walk across. But as it winds its way, it picks up the water from … Continue reading

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I’m an Urban Farmer

 I grew up in the  Sierra-Nevada mountains, with snow deep and trees thick to blanket the ground.   And I lived part of my life in the Nevada desert , with crumbly granite rock and prickly scrub bushes on the landscape.  The decade in the Wyoming mountains … Continue reading

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One man’s junk, is another’s treasure. Finding the gospel story on eBay.

“What is your value, beloved child?” That’s the question that Journey to Beloved asks her readers. And it’s a good one. We’ve all wondered about our worth. If you’ve ever been spurned by a lover, despised by a friend, or abandoned by … Continue reading

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Comfort Kills

I  have spent most of my life looking for the easy way out. I admit it. And maybe you have too. I didn’t take those big career chances, because I was comfortable where I was. Nor did I pursue full-time ministry … Continue reading

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You really don’t need great faith and I can prove it

He’s held up as a bastion. A stalwart. A rock. Solid. And indeed, over his long life, there are amazing markers to prove his reputation. He left his comfort and his home for the desert, with nothing more than a promise. He … Continue reading

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Bin Laden’s Death — How should we react?

Image by Paul Keller via FlickrMany Americans are gloating right now with the news that Osama bin Laden has finally been eradicated from this earth. Is it wrong to feel such happiness? I remember the story of King David in … Continue reading

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