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Who would Jesus promote?

Often we see people hypothetically place our Savior in the modern world and speculate what He would do. Some have asked what kind of car Jesus would drive, who He would vote for President or if He would eat bagels. … Continue reading

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When work isn’t fun anymore

I heard from a friend that “work wasn’t fun anymore.” Was it a sign that things weren’t going well with the boss or the coworkers or customers? Was it a reflection of the duties? Or was it a reflection of … Continue reading

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The Terminator: How to fire an employee, part 2

When I look back at people I’ve had to fire, I always tried to think about their dignity. There are few things that are more humiliating that being told, “you’re not cutting it around here.” It cuts to a person’s … Continue reading

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The Terminator: Is there a godly way to fire employees?

Over at Shrinking The Camel, Bradley Moore, is wrestling over terminating an employee. As a corner-office executive, all of a sudden he is faced with difficult decisions on employment – hirings and firings. These issues affect the pocketbook, livelihoods and … Continue reading

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At one point in nearly every life, comes a time when you are broken. It’s a helpless feeling when the wheels come off your shiny car that was speeding down the sure-fire road to success. And there you stand on … Continue reading

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