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Whistling in the workshop: Creative joy in the workplace

As a boy, there was nothing I loved more than to be with my Dad while he built things in his workshop. With precision and deft skill, Dad grasped each board.  He carefully measured twice and then with a confident … Continue reading

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Which bridge to cross. Which bridge to burn.

When life hits you hard, it’s not always easy to remember that this is just temporary. When you are gasping for air, you forget about another world — a place where there is no more hurt, no more fear, no … Continue reading

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I’m not religious, but I’m certainly not spiritual either

Have you noticed how acceptable the “spiritual” label is in today’s culture? “I’m not religious, but I am spiritual,” tumbles out of people’s mouths and others nod in serious-looking agreement. It’s very cool to be spiritual – taking long walks … Continue reading

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There’s no such thing as "all of a sudden"

When personal tragedy hits, we often are shocked to the core. Where did that come from? When we are hit with a failed relationship or a big bill or the loss of a job, we go into a nerve-rattling state … Continue reading

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Responding to disaster

What is the proper “Christian response” to disaster? As Red Letter Believers, those who strive to believe, follow and live the words of Christ, how should we react to tragedy in different countries.? 50 years ago it would have taken … Continue reading

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Coming Clean: Mark McGwire admits he cheated

Even if you aren’t a baseball fan, you still need to read this. Mark McGwire, the big first baseman who played St. Louis Cardinals and Oakland Athletics revealed a secret that he has kept to himself for 11 long years. … Continue reading

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Christian party poopers

‘One man’s theology is another man’s belly laugh.’-Robert A. Heinlein There far too many dour – yet sincere – Christians, who only know the life of sorrow and penitence. They are permanently prostate –– repenting of unknown sins, confessing long-forgiven … Continue reading

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