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Take this job and love it

It’s almost old news now, but I can’t seem to shake the image of Jet Bue flight attendant Steven Slater exploding in anger, screaming profanities, and with a final, “I can’t take this anymore,” slid out the emergency exit on … Continue reading

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Hiding Your Treasure at Work

(I was honored to have the following article recently published by my friend Brad at Marketplace Christianity. The blog has a great ministry focus and Brad’s outlook is unique. Check his blog out here and visit often!) My dresser is probably not … Continue reading

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So, you still think you’re special?

If the Earth’s population shrank to exactly 100 people, with all existing human ratios remaining the same, what would we be left with? 57 of those people would be from Asia.21 would be from Europe.8 would be from Africa.14 would … Continue reading

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Man Finds Millions Buried on Old Farm

Today, Brad Harmon from Marketplace Christianity and I are trading posts with other. Brad is the founder and editor for Marketplace Christianity. A former certified public accountant, he now spends his time blogging, speaking, and consulting on ways to bring our … Continue reading

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Who are you? Money talks

“Self-knowledge is so critically important to us in our pursuit of God and His righteousness that we lie under heavy obligation to do immediately whatever is necessary to remove the disguise and permit our real selves to be known.” — … Continue reading

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Let the credits roll

It’s always an interesting procession at the end of the movie to watch people rise from their seats almost immediately after “The End” splashes on the screen. They miss the credits – the people who made the movie happen. Maybe … Continue reading

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The tattletale: How to find the real you

We all think we’re so clever. We have a public self.  That’s the person that comes out at work, at school, or at church. That’s the person we show our kids and neighbors, our spouses and our friends. We work very … Continue reading

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Deep fried twinkies: Confessions from a man who can’t get enough of a bad thing

 It’s county fair time. Image by vpickering via Flickr From toss-the-ring-on-the- bottle, to the teacup ride, to the barn where the kids show off their prize pig, it’s as old-time as you can get in this modern age. From the … Continue reading

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Why my plan stinks

I admit. I’m a planner. I’m a plotter. I can even be a schemer. From the time I was a little boy I was the “man with the plan,” so to speak. I was the one organizing the baseball game … Continue reading

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Apologies, Part 2: When "My Bad" is Good

Last week’s post on Public Apologies generated some great conversations. But the most interesting conversation. I’ve had to apologize to some close people for wrongs I’ve committed. The response is varied. Some have ignored the apologies altogether, the subject too uncomfortable to deal … Continue reading

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