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It’s All About Me!

Originally posted on Thinking Out Loud:
We’ve previously reviewed four books by James Rubart here: Rooms, The Book of Days, and The Chair. Recently James shared this story on his blog: A man is enjoying watching a Seattle Mariners game…

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What Can Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ Tell Us About God?

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In the Garden of Your Mind

I miss this wonderful man. What are you growing these days? Please, share with a friend if you feel moved. Read all past issues at

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Guest Post: Troy Sims. "Sorry, I have to work"

A number of guest posters this month will be weighing in on “What I learned From My First Job.” Today we’re privileged to have Troy Sims give his insight. Troy has a M.Div from Brite Divinity School in Ft. Worth … Continue reading

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Keep the light burning

I had a friend once who’s life took a series of ugly turns. He ended up being just bad news, with no job, no family and no faith, having turned his back on everything. Seeing nothing but darkness, I walked away. … Continue reading

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Can we ever trust again?

Trust is a critical component — in the workplace, in the home, in churches and in politics. Nothing will derail good intentions faster than a lack of trust. Many of our societal ills come from a lack of trust. Government … Continue reading

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How to Find an Upside in This Down Economy

We all know people who have been laid off, fired or whose jobs have disappeared altogether. For millions, months have now turned into years of unemployment or under-employment. Maybe this is you. I have a friend — John — who … Continue reading

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Building Fences Around Our Castles

 When you take a snapshot of our personal and collective wealth compared to just 30 years ago, it is staggering. While pockets of poverty exist, even our poor live much better than the majority of the world. Our “middle … Continue reading

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What does your God look like?

“God is Good.”“God is Love”“God is Light”You’ve heard these expressions from the time you were a wee child. You’ll hear them in Hollywood, popular culture and in fact, from many churches. From these images, we’ve imagined the Almighty as the … Continue reading

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When Doubt is Good

“There lives more faith in honest doubt, believe me, than in half the creeds” — Lord Alfred TennysonA few years ago, I entered a fishing derby. These derbies are traditionally filled with anglers who look for the proverbial “whopper” in … Continue reading

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