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Reflections on rest

Many of you are already responding to the call to reflect on Sabbath rest. The effort is current the feature on Group Writing Projects.Jennifer, the writer of the beautifully reflective blog, Getting down with Jesus, at first experienced guilt because … Continue reading

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Group Writing Project: "What about rest?"

Have you ever experienced true rest? What is your experience?Was your sabbath an hour, a day or an entire season? As a group, let’s discuss this spiritual discipline. If you’re a blogger, write a blogpost and then send us a … Continue reading

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The Sabbath – more than a day off

“We interrupt this regularly scheduled week…..” A friend recently wrote about her need for programmed rest — taking time away from electronics, shopping, cleaning and work. Another friend is taking some time off from ‘social networking,’ putting down the PDA, … Continue reading

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Whistle while you work

Let’s start with a brutal truth: work is hard and it’s by design. The stark reality is that God created work and He created play and the two are very different. When God spoke to Adam after the fall He … Continue reading

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Light bulbs in dark places

The world is filled with lost and dying souls. But you won’t just find them in the usual and expected places – like the dark, mean streets of our cities or some distant, unexplored jungles, or tropical, remote islands. If … Continue reading

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The storm is upon us

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses,but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” — Psalm 20:7 We gathered on the shore and watched the angry clouds gather on the horizon. Trouble was brewing. But many … Continue reading

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Pride and Prejudice

Humans are funny creatures. Despite our Politically Correct world, we generally avoid any sort of true diversity. We gravitate toward people who look, act and think just like we do. While I don’t understand the anthropology of that – whether … Continue reading

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Good Cheer

Work can have its ups and downs. There are those days when we bounce into work with a big happy grin, patting everyone on the back, itching to get started with our day. And then there are those days when … Continue reading

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Politics and faith – for real?

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot of God-talk from the political candidates. It seems to be going far beyond the customary, “And may God bless America.” In the past, whenever a politician would speak out about their faith, the press … Continue reading

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