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Interviewing for a job

Interviews are interesting displays of human character. Everyone is on their best behavior, and yet they try to act normal. That creates some paradoxes. has listed some interesting humor from the world of interviews. One woman, being interviewed for … Continue reading

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Finding Your Way

He was a failure at first. William Tecumseh Sherman was one of the great heroes of the Civil War. His famous march on Atlanta that razed the South and left nothing but ash in his wake played a pivotal role … Continue reading

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Christmas and the workplace

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Christmastime. It isn’t just in your neighborhood, with your neighbor’s lights shining in your eyes at night. It isn’t just in the mall, splashed with gory colors and tinsel. It isn’t just in every … Continue reading

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More Christmas memories

Our friends at sponsored a Christmas blogging challenge — and we joined in the fray. They asked for “Your best Christmas memory” and our post is below. Here are links to the other participants: Sally’s WordsGood Word Editing L’Chaim … Continue reading

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My best Christmas

It was a lonely December in Adana, Turkey. As a 21-year old airman with a wife and a new baby, this was our first Christmas away from home. In this foreign land there were no twinkling lights, no decorations and … Continue reading

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"It was just me, the gunman, and God" — Security guard Jeanne Assam stops spree

She calmly drew her weapon and shot him.And she credits the Holy Spirit for guiding her. Jeanne Assam, who is being hailed as a hero, served as a volunteer, armed security guard at New Life Christian Church in Colorado Springs, … Continue reading

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Colorado shootings force question of forgiveness

Two terrible shootings in Colorado occurred within 12 hours of each other. The first occurred at a Youth With a Mission (YWAM) training center. A man shot four people — two have died. YWAM has a great reputation. Thousands of … Continue reading

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