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Roller Coaster

Click, click, click, click, click…the rollercoaster slowly ratchets up the steep hill, the mechanical track catching the weight of the cars as they are pushed upward towards the man made hill’s crest, there is no turning back now. The solid … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving prayer

Matthew Henry wrote a prayer of thanks on the night he was robbed. If it were me, I would have asked for divine intervention, rapid aphrension, a swift trial and a no-nonsense judge. But Henry’s prayer was one of thanksgiving. … Continue reading

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Swimming upstream in a downstream world

Christians in this brave, new world are in a conundrum. We have a 2,000 year old faith that is increasingly pushed to irrelevancy by well-funded skepticism, unprecedented sensual freedom, and a growing tide of dispassionate boredom with anything that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Thanks for nothing?

The turkey and all the trimmings is a looking a little different for many Americans this year.It seems that Tom is noticably slimmer and the trimmings are obviously fewer, thanks to trillions of dollars lost in market equity, rising unemployment … Continue reading

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From drudgery to delight

“It’s going to be another long day.”“Can’t hardly wait till Friday.”“This place is really getting on my nerves.” Heard these words lately? Maybe they’re coming from the next cubicle, or the guy on the dock, or the guy running the … Continue reading

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When joy trumps happiness

We hear plenty about happiness and unhappiness in our world. People run from job to job, from mate to mate and from reality to reality searching for happiness. But I’ve recently found a better answer – joy. A few weeks … Continue reading

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You can be replaced

Let’s face it, we are all dispensable. Nearly every professional can be replaced by a new method, a machine or another person. In fact we will be replaced; it’s the inevitability of the marketplace. Companies are organisms that live on … Continue reading

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Final Reflections on Rest

We’ve had more than 50 different reactions on Sabbath rest over the last two weeks. The collected works all agree — setting aside time in obedience to God can change your life. Conversations in Faith has a wonderful post chronicling … Continue reading

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When your company lets you down

“My trust was misplaced.” “They disappointed me.” “They’re not worthy of my respect.” “They should pay.” Have you ever felt this way about your superiors? If you work at some place like AIG or Enron, who could argue with your … Continue reading

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Even More rest

The response to the group writing project has been encouraging. And we all need some help with understanding and practicing rest as God intended. Kay Martin, at the motivational blog, “Thrive Christian,” said that her main problem was “unbelief. “ … Continue reading

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