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Did he waste his life?

I read the words in the newspaper, disbelieving. He was gone, leaving a wife and a couple of sons at home. He left undone too many things that should have been. They said it was his heart. But I wonder … Continue reading


My humble search for a little praise

We all love to hear words of praise. I don’t care how humble you are, there is still a welling of pride that comes when others recognize the works of your hands.We like praise. We love praise. We crave praise. … Continue reading

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From a noble lie to a magnificent life

As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I knew they were wrong. Something inside of me wanted to tell the truth, but like a split-second decision that changes your destiny, the river flowed out of the wrong … Continue reading

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Beauty has a number

 (Photo credit: itspaulkelly) What makes something beautiful? The human eye is drawn to objects perfectly proportioned. Think of the spiral of a sea shell or the Egyptian pyramids. Certain faces on people seem to have the perfect dimensions. Some designs seem so … Continue reading

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Building Fences Around Our Castles

 When you take a snapshot of our personal and collective wealth compared to just 30 years ago, it is staggering. While pockets of poverty exist, even our poor live much better than the majority of the world. Our “middle … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Work Count

“Nobody likes being around people who hate their jobs. We all need to love what we do, or go work somewhere else. It’s really that simple.” That’s the honest appraisal by writer and blogger Jeff Goins. He recently had an experience … Continue reading

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A world without locks

If you want to peer into my life, just take a look at my key ring. I have a key to my front door, the back door and the door off the bedroom. I have a key to my car, … Continue reading

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What does your God look like?

“God is Good.”“God is Love”“God is Light”You’ve heard these expressions from the time you were a wee child. You’ll hear them in Hollywood, popular culture and in fact, from many churches. From these images, we’ve imagined the Almighty as the … Continue reading

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Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat?

No man ever wants to comment on a woman’s weight. Even when pressed to be honest, we know it’s just a no win situation and you need to back away slowly. I mean swiftly. Similarly, few people are willing to talk about … Continue reading

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