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Stuck in a room full of broken toys.

Last night I sat with a group of wonderful people who were basically, a collection of misfits, walking wounded and broken pieces of humanity. And I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. Photo courtesy jennijumble I’m at the Laity Lodge … Continue reading

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From Starter to Finisher

I’m a great Starter. I have books with bookmarks carefully marking the last time I opened the book – months ago. I have a garage full of tiles, all measured with a new tile saw and glue. The kitchen floor … Continue reading

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The end of poverty

Is it possible that we could see the end of extreme poverty in just a generation? According to Dr. Scott Todd, of Compassion International, it is entirely possible.  He listed some amazing trends: Currently, 1.4 billion people on earth live … Continue reading

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This class clown is laughing again

The gift of laughter is perhaps life’s most precious gift – short of life itself. The ability to turn the edges of the mouth up with a twinkle in the eye starts at the first congnitive stages of a baby’s … Continue reading

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Great Expectations: When is Good Not Good Enough?

I have a busy life.Church. Writing. Teaching. Fellowship.Much of it centers around what I think are righteous, moral things.I’ve been a good neighbor. I mow my yard. I painted my peeling trim. I pull my trash cans in at night.I’ve … Continue reading

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It’s not brain surgery

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Who needs the party pooper?

“One man’s theology is another man’s belly laugh.”-Robert A. Heinlein I was recently reminded by an old friend of some old sins of mine — some things that I did a long time ago. In my past I’ve lied, stolen, … Continue reading

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