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Companies want integrity — as long as you don’t talk about it

Today’s USA Today has an interesting opinion piece on faith in the workplace. It is respectful and recognizes this growing trend. The editorial begins like this: “You don’t have to leave your beliefs at home. In fact, some employers see … Continue reading

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Does God belong at work?

This blog is primarily about how to live your faith at work, but ABC has an interesting article about how to practice your faith on the job. Our take is that you should exercise your beliefs first through your actions … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Religion – Part 2

Slogans and phrases often lose their meaning in translation. Coors Beer put its slogan “Turn It Loose” into Spanish, where it was read as “Suffer From Diarrhea.” Chevy Nova met a similar fate, as its car name translates into “It … Continue reading

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Give me that Bumper Sticker Religion

The evolution of language is a fascinating study. The way we communicate with words changes continually. One of the more interesting changes occurring now is the proliferation of “sloganeering”, reducing an entire argument to a few words that hopefully can … Continue reading

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Junkyard Blues

Staying Out of the Human Trash Heap Millions of cars are replaced each year. Faster, newer models replace the old cars that we once held dear. How many vehicles have you been through? Where do the old cars go? Some … Continue reading

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Create your own Red letter blog post!

I was trying to think of some amazing Christian application here. But I couldn’t. This is a picture of David on the Gulcana River in Alaska. So, can you find some application about living out your faith from this picture?

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Whatever happened to the dollar cup of coffee?

The slow demise of the soulWhether you drink it or not, you must admit that coffee is a strong part of our image of Americana. In the wide open plains of the Old West, coffee was a just reward for … Continue reading

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