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"Happy Holidays?" How sensitive should we be?

Are you a “Happy Holiday’s” kind of person? After all, why offend? But consider this fact. The total number of “non-Christians” in America add up to less than 10 million people, which is around three percent of the population, according … Continue reading

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Find your passion in work

“Our society has developed a knack for portraying work as a curse and the need to work as a misfortune.” So begins a wonderful letter to the editor in the Nov. 25 USA Today from Patricia Romeo of Cincinnati, OH. … Continue reading

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Kurt Warner: Red Letter Athlete

The world of professional sports is no doubt one that would be extremely difficult for a Christian. The fame and adulation that we, as fans, heap on these mere humans would take a great deal of god’s-mainintain-and-sustaining humility to prevent … Continue reading

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“What does God expect of me?”

Cover via Amazon What does God want from me? You might be surprised, but whatever you think it is, it’s really not enough. “Belief is not enough Worship is not enough Personal morality is not enough. Christian community is not … Continue reading

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You got questions? Here’s a place to ask them

The WTFDIB portal is a place where anyone can ask any question about Christianity or the Bible. Other Christians can then reply to the question with helpful responses, links and bible verses. Here’s a summary of WTFDIB’s features: Anonymous posting option … Continue reading

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Don’t be a nuisance

“A human being must have occupation if he or she is not to become a nuisance to the world.” — Dorothy L. Sayers Please, share with a friend. Read all past issues at

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Your conscience or your job

What would you do if you were required to do something that violated your beliefs, your principles, or your faith? And to say ‘no’ meant unemployment? Such dilemmas, thankfully, are few in this great nation. Generally, we have a toleration … Continue reading

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