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The $4 Cup of Coffee. How did we get to this place?

Image via Wikipedia The Soul’s Slow Demise Whether you drink it or not, you must admit that coffee is a strong part of our image of Americana. In the wide open plains of the Old West, coffee was a just … Continue reading

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Power Trip

(This is a copy of my featured post over at High Calling Blogs today. Click here to read the whole post.) I’ve had some outstanding bosses. And I’ve have some pretty bad ones, too. I bet you’ve experienced both kinds … Continue reading

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The darkest hour

You never can appreciate the light until you’ve been plunged into darkness. It’s a place where all your fears cry out your name and grip your heart. It’s a place where all the bitter reminders of an inadequate life rise … Continue reading

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Beyond appearances

For years I had an old, lime green, International Truck. It had a splintered windshield, a primer brown door, and rust on every surface. And the engine belched plumes of smoke while the holey mufflers roared. Ugly. Yet, I hung … Continue reading

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Spit in my eyes Lord!

Swaggering. Swaying. Tenative. The blind man approached Jesus. They exchanged a few words. And then Jesus spit on the hard clay ground. There’s not a spiritual, holy way to do this. Nor is there Christ-like spitting position. Like every other … Continue reading

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It’s not what you look like. It’s how you see.

Frail. Withered. Pitiful. While visting my father in a nursing home, I became acquainted with a silver-haired woman named Beth. Almost 90 years old, her best days were far behind her. She’d been blind since 1921 after a childhood sickness … Continue reading

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Acts of God

In just about any business or corporate environment, God is a distant entity. He is visibly forced into the darkest recess, never to be mentioned. Embarrassed, ashamed and self reliant, they do not need a supreme being. That’s what they … Continue reading

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