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Eat your okra: Reflections on a year gone by

My mother used to put okra in the stew. And I hated it. It was slimy and green — two things that most little boys avoid with every fiber of their being. And never should those two ingredients be presented as … Continue reading

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Top High Calling blog posts of the year

The Top Blog Posts of the year, as selected by The High Calling Running in place, by Jennifer Dukes Lee of Getting Down With Jesus Failure is an Option, by Jessica of Jezamama Seeing God, by Deidra Riggs of Jumping Tandem God … Continue reading

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You take the trip, I’ll light the sky

I don’t know about you, but my life really isn’t all that deliberate. In fact, I find that I often come into my best situations just by stumbling into them.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at … Continue reading

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An amazing electronic Christmas carol celebration

I have watched this a half dozen times and am still mesmerized. I do love a grand pipe organ, but this is not a bad substitute, courtesy of Atlanta’s North Point’s “iBand”. And don’t miss the last song! I don’t … Continue reading

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Nincompoop nation?

An interesting Associated Press story last month highlighted what they call “The Nincompoop Generation.” It seems we have on our hands two whole decades of young people are are highly adept at computing, but terribly inept at everyday life. Photo by DanaBC, used by … Continue reading

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Stealing baby Jesus

Jesus saves, but who’s saving Jesus? There have been a number of thefts at Nativity Scenes across the nation. It seems that thieves have been robbing the cradle, snatching baby Jesus from the watchful guard of angels, shepherds and parents.   Without the … Continue reading

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Man vs. Mall

I’m a red-blooded American man, well equipped to take on most of life’s challenges. I can live off the land if necessary, negotiate at the business table and lead the team to victory. But put me in a mall, and I … Continue reading

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