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Is retirement an option for the Christian?

What are you working for? Do you look forward to the day when you take advantage of 4 P.M. early bird menus, who-cares-when schedules and golfing at noon? Or do you have plans – big plans for God. “My husband has … Continue reading

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A little water won’t hurt

It’s always interesting to see how informal groups quickly fall behind a person.  There’s always somebody that has the magnetism and the drive that others recognize. Every group needs a leader, otherwise it will quickly fall apart.The ragtag group called … Continue reading

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Can we ever trust again?

Trust is a critical component — in the workplace, in the home, in churches and in politics. Nothing will derail good intentions faster than a lack of trust. Many of our societal ills come from a lack of trust. Government … Continue reading

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How to Find an Upside in This Down Economy

We all know people who have been laid off, fired or whose jobs have disappeared altogether. For millions, months have now turned into years of unemployment or under-employment. Maybe this is you. I have a friend — John — who … Continue reading

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Going back to the rubble

(Photo credit: OldOnliner) Have you ever opened up a desk drawer and promptly closed it because it was just too messy to deal with. Some of us have chapters of our lives that we wish weren’t part of our history. There … Continue reading

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One Brilliant Show

(This is a repost from last year’s Mother’s Day article. When I printed it off and showed it to her, she cried. I didn’t know it would be her last Mother’s Day) She was always a good sport. Amazing senseof … Continue reading

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Brain Freeze

“Iron rusts from disuse; stagnant water loses its purity and in cold weather becomes frozen; even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.” — Leonardo da Vinci, The Notebooks     What do you do to keep fresh? Photo … Continue reading

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