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I walk the road

The long, winding road toward eternity is often filled with potholes and pitfalls, disappointment and despair. It’s fraught with unmet promises, unfaithful friends, and sadness. But not every step in the journey is difficult. In fact, most are light and easy … Continue reading

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What your boss really wants for Christmas: Five gift ideas that last.

Here’s a little last-minute, gift-giving advice. Christmastime, despite the cheer and good will to all, is often full of uncertainty when it comes to gifts. Especially challenging is that awkward tradition of exchanging gifts in the workplace. We’ve all received … Continue reading

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Blind Ambition

What is the measure of success? Often, success is simply a matter of perception. Perception has its proper place, but how quickly it can consume and possess a man or woman. Combined with ambition, it can be blinding. It can … Continue reading

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I have enough

This day – and every day – you and I will be faced with an onslaught of an estimated 200 commercial advertisements. I opened the pages of the newspaper today and a dozen ads fell out of the center. Rich … Continue reading

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Changing perceptions

How does the outside world view Christianity? Do they view evangelicals as a loving, compassionate embracing people? The answer might shock you. The latest Barna group survey reveals some unsettling things about how we have 91 percent of the world … Continue reading

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The Invisible Man

They shuffle through their lives, lost in a world that has done them wrong.They’re invisible. They don’t speak up. They don’t speak out. Their opinions aren’t heard, because they are never expressed.They’re invisible. They have pains so deep that they … Continue reading

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The storm

We gathered on the shore and watched the angry clouds gather on the horizon. Trouble was brewing. You could see it. You could feel it. You could smell it in the air. But many others ignored the dark chaos. They … Continue reading

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