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Graduation Day

Hundreds of thousands of fresh new faces are entering the workforce, ready to take on the world with budding new careers, accompanied by big hopes of success. But just how long will it take before these hopes crash headlong into … Continue reading

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“I love my job”

Whoever does not love his work cannot hope that it will please others.— Unknown “I love my work.”“I love my job.”“I love my coworkers.” These expressions are pretty rare in our modern landscape. Instead, in the break rooms, in the … Continue reading

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The King’s carpentry shop

“Why a carpenter?” High school senior Weston Wax asks over at the Kingdom People blog. It’s a interesting question for those of us who are trying to live out the words of Christ in this everyday world. Weston says this, … Continue reading

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The get away

Americans are notorious for long work days, short vacations and plenty of overtime. We work and push and never escape the fray. Even when we are off, we are consumed with our work.Why do we find so hard to duck … Continue reading

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Spit on my eyes – Part 2

Our world is increasingly hostile to faith. Christians are marginalized at every turn. Our not-of-this-world ways are dismissed. We are mocked at every turn. Whether it’s big media or at your workplace, we are seen as out of touch.Ben Stein … Continue reading

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