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Everyone wants to talk about the weather, but no one wants to talk about life

“Man, it’s cold,” I heard the man with the frosty beard say, while he stomps his feet and pulls hiw coat up all the way to his ears. “Yup,” Nick Wilson nods. “Barometers down. Cold as hell.” Image by NASA’s … Continue reading

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Every breath is a second chance

Blink. Screech. Slam. Where am I? What happened? It was over before I knew it started. Headed to the store. Or was it work. I don’t remember. Where was I going? Where am I?Kids in the car? No. Good.  Everything, … Continue reading

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A tale of two men

It had been a long day. Deadlines. A demanding boss. Angry phone calls. And the minute I came home, everyone tensed up. They knew something was wrong. At the first cross word out of my mouth, everyone scattered, suddenly finding “urgent” things … Continue reading

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Back to the Mines: Why Do We Stay in Bad Jobs?

The drama of the 33 Chilean miners trapped last fall was riveting. Imagine the moment when the last battery pack went dead, draining the last remnants of hope. Desperation, anguish and anxiety hung in the dank air.  It took more … Continue reading

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Mid-life careers — the best is yet to come

“This breakfast is depressing,” I thought. A number of my friends and I were recently talking. Most of them unemployed. They’ve been for many months. A few have been searching for more than a year. The talk was about fruitless … Continue reading

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All we really need is an audience of … One

The modern writer’s world is a complex formula.  Read books, go to seminars, listen to agents and literary experts and you’ll hear all about “platform.” You see, you’ll never get a book deal unless you have an audience – a group … Continue reading

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Is there an "app" for life?

Linguists have tapped “App” as the word of the year. If you own a smart phone, you already know that “app” stands for “application.” Sold as an add-ons for cell phones, apps serve as shortcuts to all kinds of things you … Continue reading

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The status quo has got to go

This time of year, most of us have a few goals in mind. And why not? There’s no time like now to reassess our financial, career, family and spiritual direction. I have a few myself. I’ve written them down with … Continue reading

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Blood.Sweat.Tears. Isn’t there an easier way to do this?

Image by usag.yongsan via Flickr Blood.  Sweat.  Tears.  I really wish I could say it would be easier, but losing weight, deepening my spiritual walk and improving my relationships are all going to require some sacrifice.  And as my doctor said during … Continue reading

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I have no idea

Love.  I guess I have always known about it.  Cradled in my mothers arms, she whispered it to me. And I sensed it as I was consoled by my father, telling me that the bully’s words didn’t matter. I heard … Continue reading

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