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Flunking First Grade

I remember when my mother threatened to hold me back a year. I was the youngest in my First-Grade class, an anomaly of the school calendar. I wasn’t adapting well and she thought I might do better by starting over again. Somehow, … Continue reading

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Today is all I have

I used to feel sorry for Karen. Now, I wonder if she feels sorry for us. You see, she has a life completely free of baggage and worry, of bondage and burden. And the rest of us… well, we got … Continue reading

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No Stranger to Danger

 I have often lived a life of danger. As a child, I was the one who teetered the totter, who rocked the boat, who always found a way to make life a little more … adventurous. Pushing the edge of … Continue reading

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The problem with second place

This is one of my favorite, and most quoted skits. It really does describe competition and the quest to win. Best lines, “Of all the losers, you were the best,” and “If I would have had a pimple, I would have … Continue reading

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What does happy look like?

She tosses her hair back and laughs at the silly joke. I can’t hear what’s said, but I notice she turns her face to the ground when she thinks no one is looking and grimaces, biting her lip. There’s pain, … Continue reading

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Napping in Gethsemane

The prayers were agonizing—so intense that red sweat stained his white robe on this blackest of nights. The sorrow was excruciating—deep, painful, and overwhelming. Jesus said he felt like dying. A pall hung over the olive garden, and he pleaded … Continue reading

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Why God Shouldn’t Give Me What I Want

I remember praying hard for a job I wanted.I engaged friends and extended family in the petition.As a family, we bowed our heads and pleaded in earnest.My heart was pure.My motives were honest.And someone else got the job. Six months … Continue reading

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My Last Day

“It’s not how you start your life, it’s how you finish.” Confronted with these words, I chronicle the timeline of my life. Like a stock chart, a roller coaster, or a heart machine, there is little consistency. I’m up. I’m … Continue reading

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