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“God, bless me?”

I was introduced to the band U2 more than 25 years ago and they’ve been my favorite band ever since. Although I don’t listen to them as vigilantly as I did in my younger years, I still love cranking them … Continue reading

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What if…..?

At my men’s group this past week we spent the evening talking about love. I suspect the thought of a bunch of rough and tumble guys sitting around the living room talking about love may leave you with a funny … Continue reading

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The curse of work

It was Greek thought that first called into question the merits of hard work, seeing manual labor as a curse. This has pervaded many cultures and may now be breaking into our own. Rather than satisfying our deepest need to … Continue reading

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Your work matters to God

Its the same old routine. You pull yourself out of bed. Bathe. Clothe yourself. Bathe the kids. Clothe the kids. Warm up the car and drive to work, arriving not a minute too late. You start your day by turning … Continue reading

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Workplace theft

Even Christians can fall prey to the perils of an unhealthy attitude at work. Consumed by a dislike for the job, we don’t think about wearing the robe of Christ into the workplace. We don’t think about salvation for the … Continue reading

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Acts of God

In today’s agnostic and hyper-tolerant business environment, American corporations have actively worked to shunt God into the darkest corners, trying their best to hide from the reality of a supreme God. And yet virtually all of these same corporations try … Continue reading

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Should you quit your job?

“Quite often we change jobs, friends and spouses instead of ourselves.”— Akbarali Jetha The typical American spends eight or more hours a day at work but that’s just the start of it. Add up the commute time, the time spent … Continue reading

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The American Dream

Driving to work each day is a ritual familiar to most everyone. According to the Federal Highway Administration, more than 113 million Americans make their daily drive all alone. That’s plenty of time think. The morning commute might be the … Continue reading

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