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Spit on my eyes – Part 1

“It’s not foresight or hindsight we need. We need sight, plain and simple. We need to see what is right in front of us.”— Gordon Atkinson, Real Live Preacher One of the biggest impediments to living out my faith is … Continue reading

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Are you breathing your own exhaust?

Whose opinion do you value? When you need advice, are there those that you can turn to? How do you know the difference between a good decision and a bad one? Often, I act upon my own thoughts and charge … Continue reading

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Expelled for his beliefs

Iowa State University Astronomy Professor Guillermo Gonzalez will soon be packing up his office. The Board of Regents rejected his final appeal for tenure after seven years. It seems that Gonzalez, peering out into the vast heavens, could not reconcile … Continue reading

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My one purpose

Or is it 10,000? I often think about my purpose here on earth. I’ve always assumed there was one BIG purpose, one overriding reason I was put on the planet by God. Lately I’ve been having different thoughts about this … Continue reading

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Identify yourself

An idealistic assumption is that most people are identified by their family and community. Not so, says the Gallup orgnaization. Most Americans “define themselves by their job, on the basis of their job title and the brand image of their … Continue reading

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What holds me back?

Our new friend, Bill Peel, the creative force behind 24 Seven Faith, wrote an interesting piece on the responsibility of everyone to do the hard work of redeeming – of changing our world around us. He throws a fiery dart … Continue reading

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