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Tell me anything but the truth

“God give me strength to face a fact though it slay me. “ Do we really want to hear the truth? Or do we want others to feed us what we want to hear? That’s a tough question, because often … Continue reading

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Me versus the world

Do you ever feel like you are all alone at work, fending off the dire wolves with a BB gun? Do you ever feel surrounded by danger and treachery, your heart racing and brow beading with sweat and when you … Continue reading

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The success of others

Admittedly, I have a control problem. I like to control the process, control the goals and control the outcome – start to finish. So training others has always been a problem. I want to be in charge of critical portions, … Continue reading

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What would Noah blog?

By any standards, Noah had tough duty. He was mocked. He was abused. He was harangued at every juncture. Does this sound a little like what you face at work or school or in life? We love the focus of … Continue reading

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Josh Hamilton: U Turns permitted

Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton had the world ahead of him as a high-school senior. Picked no. 1 in the 1999 draft by Tampa Bay, it was a dream come true for the teenager. The Devil Rays believed he was … Continue reading

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Where I work, we’re always talking about the “change curve.” This is the process we each go through when we are forced to undergo a change. Business must constantly adapt to a world that is continually in flux. The change … Continue reading

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