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More than one-third of Americans describe themselves as feeling constantly rushed. The average married couple works more than 90 hours a week combined, not including the countless hours spent caring for children and managing household responsibilities. So — how can … Continue reading

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The worst boss in America

The AFL-CIO today announced its “Worst Boss Award.” One of the winners (losers?) was a tyrant who threw away the disability paperwork for a man who had cancer and wouldn’t allow him to take his personal vacation time. The other … Continue reading

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Three cups of tea

Are you doing what God wants you to?How do you really know? For one man, God quite literally dragged him off the side of a mountain and dropped him into his life’s work in Northern Pakistan. In his book, Three … Continue reading

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Blind Ambition?

How can I be successful, and how is it measured? Perception has its proper place, but how quickly it can consume. It can all start with a new pair of shoes. My old ones are comfortable, but I’ve noticed other … Continue reading

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What you talkin’ bout?

Speak at your peril Ahhh. America. Home of the brave ­­– and the free. But wait a minute. Freedom of speech in the workplace is hitting the brakes. According to Philadelphia workplace and career columnist LESLIE WHITAKER,many companies are imposing … Continue reading

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