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Hiding Your Treasure at Work

(I was honored to have the following article recently published by my friend Brad at Marketplace Christianity. The blog has a great ministry focus and Brad’s outlook is unique. Check his blog out here and visit often!) My dresser is probably not … Continue reading

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She might have cleaned up after Presidents, but she worked for God

“Each night for 24 years, she would diligently clean the White House. When she came to the president’s chair, she would pause, cleaning materials in hand, and say a quick prayer.” So reads the lead in yesterday’s Washington Post. Emma … Continue reading

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Workplace myths

Our friend and mentor, Randy Kilgore who heads the “Made to Matter” workplace faith ministry, recently published a list of three myths that persist among Christians who work. We’ll summarize, but you should read the whole post here.Myth 1: True … Continue reading

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Light bulbs in dark places

The world is filled with lost and dying souls. But you won’t just find them in the usual and expected places – like the dark, mean streets of our cities or some distant, unexplored jungles, or tropical, remote islands. If … Continue reading

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One A Day

Unless you’re a hermit, you’ll interact with a number of people through the course of any given day. Meeting these people can be chalked up to chance — or you can see them as divine appointments. Is it possible that … Continue reading

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Interviewing for a job

Interviews are interesting displays of human character. Everyone is on their best behavior, and yet they try to act normal. That creates some paradoxes. has listed some interesting humor from the world of interviews. One woman, being interviewed for … Continue reading

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Workplace reformation

The serene beauty of a holy life is the most powerful influence in the world next to the power of God. — Blaise PascalThe reformation brought about many things in the sixteenth century, including a destruction of aristocracy, an unprededented … Continue reading

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Is God on my team?

It’s a common thing in sports for well-meaning players to give God praise in post-game interviews. There are many athletes who offer prayer in tough situations. Cornerback Deon Sanders said this “When it’s fourth down, I pray. I’m seeking God’s … Continue reading

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What you talkin’ bout?

Speak at your peril Ahhh. America. Home of the brave ­­– and the free. But wait a minute. Freedom of speech in the workplace is hitting the brakes. According to Philadelphia workplace and career columnist LESLIE WHITAKER,many companies are imposing … Continue reading

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Does God belong at work?

This blog is primarily about how to live your faith at work, but ABC has an interesting article about how to practice your faith on the job. Our take is that you should exercise your beliefs first through your actions … Continue reading

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