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"Read the instructions" — Learning lessons the hard way

I am just now recovering from a two-week injury to my hands. Let me tell you about it and the lesson I learned. You see, I make a living with my fingers, typing the day away creating corporate communications – … Continue reading

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Blame me

Blame the President. Blame Congress. Blame the oil companies. Blame the banks. Blame the rich. Blame the Democrats. Blame the Republicans. Blame Wall Street. Blame Hollywood. And this national blame game spills over into our personal lives. We blame coworkers … Continue reading

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Wrapped in bacon: Companies hide the good news

(This is also today’s featured post over at the High Calling) Our black lab, Obi, was a great dog, but adventurous. Every squirrel needed to be chased, every hole in the ground held a mystery, and every fence needed to be … Continue reading

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All the lonely playgrounds

We have our share of problems in society.  A burgeoning debt that threatens to swamp our financial well being. A moral decay that has devastated the family structure. An aging society that will tax our resources.  But the need to Play might … Continue reading

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Running toward the mushroom cloud

The news from Japan looks grim. Towns are in complete rubble. 10,000’s are lost and likely dead. Nuclear power plants are imploding from within. I was inspired to read the story of the Fukushima 50, the men and women who … Continue reading

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Good Grief. God Grief.

I had lunch yesterday with a young man today who is hurting. You could see it in his eyes and hear it in what he didn’t say. Two days ago, he lost a buddy who died in his sleep, just 28 … Continue reading

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Trying to forget

It happened to me the other day. I read some of my old performance appraisals and one in particular jumped out. It was from a boss that I clashed with. For nearly a year it was a constant battle of … Continue reading

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"Daddy, stay home and play"

(I as honored to have this post highlighted today over at the High Calling. Please join the conversation over there.) I pulled the tie to my neck. It was cinched just like my dad had taught me. He called it … Continue reading

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More or less? How Can I Fit It All In?

It seems that my life is often dominated by the broken promises of “More.” I have promised to write more letters, visit more friends, smile at more children. I have purposed in my heart to give more money away and … Continue reading

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What if sloth were a virtue, instead of a vice?

I am frustrated at all the things I can’t get done. Editing projects. Retiling the kitchen floor. Changing the oil in the car.Fixing the squeaky door to the bathroom.The stack of books that I need to read.The breakfast date I … Continue reading

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