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Tebowing — Righteous prayer or holy mockery?

What an amazing national phenomena is Tim Tebow. The young, outspoken quarterback for the Denver Broncos is quieting his critics with solid play, humility and good nature. Something he does before and after each game, is to drop to single knee and … Continue reading

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No Strings Attached: Why is extending grace so hard to do?

The idea of pure love among people is a tough concept. It seems as if every relationship comes with strings — those things from the past that we use to manipulate and control those closest to us. It might have … Continue reading

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The gift of pain

Flinch.Duck.Pull back your hand These are all natural reactions to the threat of pain. No one wants to be hurt. So we avoid pain.. We deflect it. We ignore it. We mask it. Pain is nothing new – it got its start … Continue reading

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What Tim Tebow Taught Me About Leadership

He’s half my age and plays a game for a living, but I’m learning a valuable lesson from Tim Tebow, the new starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. You don’ t have to be a football fan to appreciate Tebow … Continue reading

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Would Jesus Occupy?

Last week I saw them at the Capitol building. They were shaking their signs at some unknown person. Or persons. The signs condemned greed, and capitalism and corporations. Big banks. Big business. Big government. Some made a lot of sense. Some were just … Continue reading

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Boring Church

Please, share with a friend if you feel moved. Read all past issues at

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I have enough

I got my Sear’s Christmas catalog in the mail yesterday. Santa was on the cover. It was a reminder that the consumptive push is coming. It’s bad enough that on the average day, you and I will be faced with an onslaught … Continue reading

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