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Subversive sharing: Why don’t we talk about our faith at work?

What are we afraid of? The modern mantra is that the workplace should be “inclusive.” We have heard repeatedly that America’s “strength is its diversity.” However, in the rush to purge racism and prejudice from our world, faith, normal opinion and … Continue reading

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Losing my religion

A strange dichotomy exists all around us.  The vast majority of Americans claim to know Jesus. But they call themselves “spiritual.” They have a visage of a Savior who has good moral teachings. He might have even come to them in … Continue reading

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Fuzzy lines

I work in the world of public affairs. There is much debate in our circles about “spin” versus “telling the truth.” Those who spin try to extract the one shred of good news to soften the bad news.  “Sure our vehicles … Continue reading

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Run monkey, run!

The amusing story of a fugitive macaque monkey is worth our attention. It’s from an unknown origin and has been scampering around the Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg area for several months making surprise visits to pool parties, stealing fruit and causing double … Continue reading

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I could be wrong

“One question I’ve had to ask myself repeatedly is this: Am I even open to the possibility that I could be wrong in my beliefs? If so, would I have the courage to change my actions?        — Francis Chan, … Continue reading

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I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m sure making good time

Life’s difficulties are often purported to be solved in easy solutions. 12 Steps to an Alcohol-Free Life. 6 Ways to a Thinner You. 8 Shortcuts to more time. The 90-Second Cook. I have subscribed to many formulas in my life, … Continue reading

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The ship that sailed: Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda

“A man sits on the dock with head in hands, wailing for the ships that have sailed—as he is missing the ship that is sailing.” So begins the poignant column by World Magazine’s Andree Seu. “This is a story of my … Continue reading

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