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Do good to those hate you

A handicapped Spokane woman who was inside a church at a prayer meeting had her powered wheelchair stolen by someone with apparently no shame. The woman, who suffers from MS and cerebral palsy, uses the chair for transportation around town. … Continue reading

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When someone you care about Photo Courtesy Mary Schwalm goes away you don’t lose them all at once You lose them in pieces over time like the crisp leaves that drop from a tree in the late fall One by one … Continue reading

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Turning snow days into sun days

We’re all aware of “snow days,” those blessed days when school is called off and kids spend the days sledding down frozen paths and designing snow men. Their frozen faces are melted only by hot chocolate and the sheer joy of zero … Continue reading

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More than what we see

When I look around at a physical world of decay and destruction, marked by disappointment and sorrow, I have to ask, “is this all there is?” Modern day philosophers tell us that meaning is found in what we see around us. That … Continue reading

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Seeds of change: How will we impact tomorrow?

(This is also today’s featured post over at High Calling Blogs ) Two years ago, on a remote Norwegian island in the Arctic Ocean, a massive underground seed bank opened. The Svalbard Seed Vault serves as a repository of more than 500,000 … Continue reading

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Garbage collectors

Each day, while driving to work, I pass the central facility and office for a garbage collection company. The collectors clock in, get their assignments, and then grab the keys to their vehicles. They start them up and they rumble … Continue reading

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‘I had no idea it was that bad.’ We’ve all said that when we have had friends or coworkers who went through a major emotional change in their life. A marriage on the rocks. An attempted suicide. A deep depression. … Continue reading

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The Jesus action figure

If you need a little reminder of the Savior, offers you just the ticket — the Jesus action figure. The advertisement asks, “Can you use a miracle today?” The action figures stands 5″ tall and features glow-in-the-dark hands! He … Continue reading

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Linking to the world

I would be honored if you read my contribution to the group book review of  Real-Time Connections by Bob Roberts Jr. over at Bible Dude. The portion of the book I reviewed focuses on “Linking to the World.” Robert’s points out … Continue reading

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Seek first the kingdom of me

This article was featured at this week’s “The High Calling.” Please click here for the original post. As children, we knew all about kingdoms. We erected make-believe castles, dreamt of princes and princesses, and battled rival knights. We donned bath … Continue reading

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