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When you aren’t "The One."

“I often dream that I am tagging along behind Jesus, longing for Him to choose me as one of his disciples. Then, without warning, he turns around, looks straight into my eyes and says “Follow me.” My heart races and … Continue reading

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Force Majeure

Who gets the blame? It is common for companies to incorporate “Force Majeure clauses” in their business contracts. Force Majeure is French for “greater force.” American companies refer to the events covered by these clauses as “Acts of God.” In … Continue reading

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Is there a fuzzy line that borders on truth, but isn’t quite right? Some portions of the public relations industry are especially adept at this verbal art form, the squishiness of words. Steven Colbert, with his tongue firmly planted in … Continue reading

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From the bright idea department

What kind of ideas do you have to be light in the workplace? What do you do to make a difference? What do you wish you did? Leave a comment here:

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Jesus is for losers

“Just as I am I am needy and dry Jesus is for losers The self-made need not apply”— Steve Taylor “He that finds his life shall lose it: and he loses his life for my sake shall find it.”— Jesus … Continue reading

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What dad taught me about work – part 2

My dad was a two job guy. When I was growing up, Gene worked a full time job as a highway patrolman and then another half time job doing construction. He was constantly moving. The thing is, he didn’t do … Continue reading

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What Dad Taught Me About Work – Father’s Day Reflections

My dad was a roofer. For more than 50 years, he climbed ladders, crawled over rooftops, and literally hung on the edge of danger. He eschewed air nail guns and most powered tools, choosing the patient, deliberate act of hammering … Continue reading

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