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When you can’t describe the indescribable

“Sehnsucht” I first read the word and just passed it by in my mind. It was foreign, unknown and unneccesary. With 100,000 English words to use, why bother to with another language? Dad spoke German. So did my Aunt.  But “I know … Continue reading

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If only I had just a little more . . .

If only I had a little more money,   I could make a difference.If only I had a little more talent,   I could really write things that would impact lives.If only I had a little more time,   I … Continue reading

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"Have you been flossing?" — Truth decay

She asked me the question, and I could not lie. Myrna, I will floss more. I promise. Myrna, the sweet hygienist that I’ve seen for years is passionate about tooth care. She has a lifetime invested in this profession. So on Wednesday, I … Continue reading

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Please, disturb me

I have a car that’s paid for and a house that’s wonderfully appointed with furniture and gadgets. I have clothes that are in great condition in a variety of colors and styles. I have a job and some degree of … Continue reading

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Driving the Wienermobile – Could this be the best job anywhere?

As a child, I was swept up by the Oscar Meyer PR machine. I knew the words to the hot dog song, singing it in the bathtub and in bed when I couldnt sleep. I hummed it in my mind while Ms. … Continue reading

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Writer’s Retreat – There’s room for you

Last year, I was blessed to attend the Laity Lodge Writer’s Retreat, located about two hours from San Antonio. If Texas sounds unappealing to you in the West and North, this location will forever change your preconceptions.The location is magnificent, with … Continue reading

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Can we partner with those that don’t believe?

Is it possible to have a partnership with someone who believes differently than you, to create a successful business? One of my favorite new bloggers is Mike Eaton at Greater Seas and he posed this question to several of us who write about … Continue reading

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Too much thinking, not enough doing

Photo by Malena Sometimes, you just have to quit thinking and start doing. At least, that’s the argument that Mike St. Pierre gives when confronted with over planning: “Don’t think unless you have to.” There’s some wisdom in this for … Continue reading

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Thrift-Store Trophy Case

They sat on a shelf in the corner of the Disabled Veterans Thrift Store.  There were at least 20 of them, unmoved for years, as evidenced by the thick layer of dust that encased the polished bronze plastic. A bowler … Continue reading

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Living large in a shrinking world

That Saturday is a day I won’t forget. It was the day I lost my mind. You see the day before I found an unexpected bounty. It happens a couple of times a year, you know when there are three paydays in a month. No mortgage … Continue reading

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