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Woman’s bold witness thwarts robber’s plans

She might be only 20 years old, but Pompano Beach, Fla., store manager Nayara Goncalves has the heart of a lion. A man walked into her store and pulled out a gun. Instead of screaming, she calmly said, “I’m going … Continue reading

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Ditch the Safety Talk: Work Dangerously

You can’t have that out in plain sight,” the woman said to me. Her hair was pulled so tight it tugged on her eyes. “Someone might get offended.” She then whirled around and walked away, her clackety-clack shoes echoing against … Continue reading

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Take your pastor to work day

Justin David Buzzard is a pastor in the San Francisco Bay Area. He wrote an interesting post about how he has built his ministry by doing to the places where the men of his church work. He calls it “the … Continue reading

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Crock Pot Christianity

We live in the generation of Right Now. We want everything quickly — Instant credit, fast food, instant news. We’ve been raised on 30 second commercials and 140-character status updates. We simply don’t have attention for anything that takes a long … Continue reading

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God’s megaphone

“God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: It is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world” C.S. Lewis Please, share with a friend. Read all past issues at

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Fertile soil: The secret ingredient

In this life, we are all really fellow farmers, working toward producing good crops. We might not be in the fields, but we are in the factories and office buildings, retail stores and homes, putting out a product. Metaphorically, none of us … Continue reading

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Get up and go

Like you, I’ve been knocked down many times in the past. With the wind pulled out of my sails, all progress just stopped. So I floundered. Wondering. Waiting. Wasting days, months and years. It seems like I’ve spent half my … Continue reading

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