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A different kind of revolution

We know Jesus as Savior, as Lord, as a perfect teacher. But rarely do we view him as a revolutionary.Almost everything he did was completely opposite what others expected. At first, the zealots hoped that he would be their “go … Continue reading

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Profanity at work — Does it belong?

Shrinking the Camel brought up “salty language” in a recent post and World magazine had a discussion about swearing and the Christian. This got us to thinking about some things we have talked about before: Cussing at work. A British … Continue reading

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The divine discontent

G.K. Chesterson writes about the “divine discontent.” “That’s the feeling that there is more to this life than just living. It’s the nagging that this world is not our home. It’s the romance of the heart from the Almighty.” Are … Continue reading

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Image via Wikipedia “I, the devil, will always see to it that there are bad people. Your job, my dear Wormwood, is to provide me with the people who do not care.” — The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis“What’s the difference … Continue reading

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There was a man who was intrigued by circus elephants and actually got a chance to go backstage. The baby elephant was held in place with a huge screw type stake and a heavy chain that kept him close. He … Continue reading

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Someone’s Got To Go

Fox has ordered a new reality show called Someone’s Gotta Go, where employees choose which of their colleagues to lay off. It plays off the long-running Survivor series, but it brings it to a familiar place — the office. And … Continue reading

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A shipwrecked people

We are a shipwrecked people, swamped by the raging seas.Desperately we look for something to cling to, a plank of hope. We know that hope isn’t our money.We know it’s not our fortune. We know it’s not our good looks.We … Continue reading

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