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Christians, performing arts, and American Idol

It seems that many Christians end up on American Idol, the long-running talent competition on Fox. I think it’s a natural outworking of our music-infected worship. Each Sunday, we give thousands of musicians the chance to sing and  play while … Continue reading

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What’s the difference?

“What’s the difference between an unbeliever who will not go to church and the Christian who is never there? Between a heathen who does not believe the Bible and a Christian who never studies it? Between an atheist who never … Continue reading

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No government will save us

“Vote 2008” is finally drawing to a close. (Insert loud sigh here) The passion surrounding this election is breathtaking. Many people are pinning some huge hopes on “their” candidate. Fervently, they believe if the results go their way, that all … Continue reading

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Workplace theft imperils productivity

One of the most widespread workplace issues is theft. Larceny, corruption, and cooking the books are so commonplace, that they are almost the expected. These kinds of shenanigans are helping lead us to a place of continual distrust – we … Continue reading

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Follow through

One baseball coach chanted over and again to me the same words. “It’s all in the follow through!” Somehow, I never got it right. In fact his words could apply to several sports: Baseball, football, Golf, Tennis, bowling. Almost all … Continue reading

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What you talkin’ bout?

Speak at your peril Ahhh. America. Home of the brave ­­– and the free. But wait a minute. Freedom of speech in the workplace is hitting the brakes. According to Philadelphia workplace and career columnist LESLIE WHITAKER,many companies are imposing … Continue reading

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Politicians and faith

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot of God-talk from the political candidates. It seems to be going far beyond the customary, “And may God bless America.”In the past, whenever a politician would speak out about their faith, the press would … Continue reading

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