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Subversive sharing: Why don’t we talk about our faith at work?

What are we afraid of? The modern mantra is that the workplace should be “inclusive.” We have heard repeatedly that America’s “strength is its diversity.” However, in the rush to purge racism and prejudice from our world, faith, normal opinion and … Continue reading

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Losing my religion

A strange dichotomy exists all around us.  The vast majority of Americans claim to know Jesus. But they call themselves “spiritual.” They have a visage of a Savior who has good moral teachings. He might have even come to them in … Continue reading

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Interviewing for a job

Interviews are interesting displays of human character. Everyone is on their best behavior, and yet they try to act normal. That creates some paradoxes. has listed some interesting humor from the world of interviews. One woman, being interviewed for … Continue reading

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Does God belong at work?

This blog is primarily about how to live your faith at work, but ABC has an interesting article about how to practice your faith on the job. Our take is that you should exercise your beliefs first through your actions … Continue reading

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Politicians and faith

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot of God-talk from the political candidates. It seems to be going far beyond the customary, “And may God bless America.”In the past, whenever a politician would speak out about their faith, the press would … Continue reading

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Amazing Grace – the sweetest sound

Tomorrow marks the 200th anniversary of William Wilberforce’s triumphant crusade to abolish slavery. Wilberforce was relentless. Each year he argued for truth and righteousness. Each year he was voted down. On Feb. 23, 1807, after two decades of determination by … Continue reading

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Tightrope walking

If we want to give gifts that last, how about one that spans eternity? However, the discussion that begins with the question “Got God?” is often elusive. Sharing your faith is something that should come natural – but it is … Continue reading

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Actions first, then talk

Being a workplace Red Letter Believer isn’t always about the proclamation. We have all seen the those who stand on the pedestal and shout their faith without any regard to how their actions relate. How many of these vocal beleivers … Continue reading

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