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Woman’s bold witness thwarts robber’s plans

She might be only 20 years old, but Pompano Beach, Fla., store manager Nayara Goncalves has the heart of a lion. A man walked into her store and pulled out a gun. Instead of screaming, she calmly said, “I’m going … Continue reading

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Subversive sharing: Why don’t we talk about our faith at work?

What are we afraid of? The modern mantra is that the workplace should be “inclusive.” We have heard repeatedly that America’s “strength is its diversity.” However, in the rush to purge racism and prejudice from our world, faith, normal opinion and … Continue reading

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Light bulbs in dark places

The world is filled with lost and dying souls. But you won’t just find them in the usual and expected places – like the dark, mean streets of our cities or some distant, unexplored jungles, or tropical, remote islands. If … Continue reading

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Pride and Prejudice

Humans are funny creatures. Despite our Politically Correct world, we generally avoid any sort of true diversity. We gravitate toward people who look, act and think just like we do. While I don’t understand the anthropology of that – whether … Continue reading

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One A Day

Unless you’re a hermit, you’ll interact with a number of people through the course of any given day. Meeting these people can be chalked up to chance — or you can see them as divine appointments. Is it possible that … Continue reading

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What holds me back?

Our new friend, Bill Peel, the creative force behind 24 Seven Faith, wrote an interesting piece on the responsibility of everyone to do the hard work of redeeming – of changing our world around us. He throws a fiery dart … Continue reading

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Shake me to wake me

The midweek social experience is virtually extinct in this nation. Few join the Kiwanis or a bridge club. Our social experience comes from living vicariously through our Internet pals or our favorite television programs that we can now watch on … Continue reading

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