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I ask for wonder

“We strain to renew our capacity for wonder, to shock ourselves into astonishment once again.”— Shana Alexander   There was one point in my life that all I wanted was salvation.Sick of my selfish ways, tired of the struggle, and … Continue reading

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Creation: Questions, Answers and Mystery

As the High Calling newsletter editor, I have the pleasure of reading and featuring other bloggers from around the network. It’s a great position that allows me to encourage others, and at the same time be inspired by great writing.  I … Continue reading

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Suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome?

I suffer from shiny object syndrome (SOS). I once fell down a flight of stairs because I was fidgeting with a tight buttonhole on my shirt and missed a step. And then there was the time I backed into a street … Continue reading

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I’m not religious, but I’m certainly not spiritual either

Have you noticed how acceptable the “spiritual” label is in today’s culture? “I’m not religious, but I am spiritual,” tumbles out of people’s mouths and others nod in serious-looking agreement. It’s very cool to be spiritual – taking long walks … Continue reading

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Is God on my team?

It’s a common thing in sports for well-meaning players to give God praise in post-game interviews. There are many athletes who offer prayer in tough situations. Cornerback Deon Sanders said this “When it’s fourth down, I pray. I’m seeking God’s … Continue reading

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What’s the difference?

“What’s the difference between an unbeliever who will not go to church and the Christian who is never there? Between a heathen who does not believe the Bible and a Christian who never studies it? Between an atheist who never … Continue reading

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