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Information is no substitute for communication

The heralded arrival of the Information Age is upon us, and has been for a number of years. It’s filled with high-tech devices and satellite images and instant communications. Data fills our desktops, our airwaves, our cable systems and our … Continue reading

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The darkest hour

You never can appreciate the light until you’ve been plunged into darkness. It’s a place where all your fears cry out your name and grip your heart. It’s a place where all the bitter reminders of an inadequate life rise … Continue reading

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The Invisible Man

They shuffle through their lives, lost in a world that has done them wrong.They’re invisible. They don’t speak up. They don’t speak out. Their opinions aren’t heard, because they are never expressed.They’re invisible. They have pains so deep that they … Continue reading

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What will you gain?

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror – and you look into your eyes and you see the hollowness. You see the emptiness. You see deep into your heart — into the deepest of all your insecurities and … Continue reading

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Alone in a crowd

We are a lonely people. While money buys automobiles, homes, and clothes it ultimately buys isolation. If we were without this wealth, we would once again learn interdependence on each other. We would learn the meaning of borrowing a cup … Continue reading

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Eleanor Rigby, your coworker, and you

Image via Wikipedia Materialism is such a false lover. It leaves us empty and cold. Still, we buy and we charge and we consume. And in the end we swallow the bitter pill of rejection. Our toys stand lifeless, unable … Continue reading

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Are you lonely?

Image by Michelle Brea via Flickr We are a lonely people. Even in a crowded room of people we have all heard the cry and ache of our souls. It is pervasive and deep as our whole society is entangled … Continue reading

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