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The F Word

I’ll never forget the first cuss word my son brought home from school. It was the first grade and this mild, quiet blonde-haired blue- eyed little boy uttered a word that had never been spoken in our home. The shocking … Continue reading

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No Stranger to Danger

 I have often lived a life of danger. As a child, I was the one who teetered the totter, who rocked the boat, who always found a way to make life a little more … adventurous. Pushing the edge of … Continue reading

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Napping in Gethsemane

The prayers were agonizing—so intense that red sweat stained his white robe on this blackest of nights. The sorrow was excruciating—deep, painful, and overwhelming. Jesus said he felt like dying. A pall hung over the olive garden, and he pleaded … Continue reading

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The wood. The nails. The hammer.

He had learned the trade from his father who probably learned it from his father. The tools were simple. The wood. The nails. The hammer. Wood shavings crunched on the floor, trod by leather sandals. The smell of lumber filled … Continue reading

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I can’t do it all

The blogsphere’s most quoted pastor, Gordon Atkinson, aka, “Real Live Preacher” , said this: “These things are clear to me. You can’t know everything you’d like to know. You can’t do everything you’d like to do. You can’t read everything … Continue reading

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A different kind of revolution

We know Jesus as Savior, as Lord, as a perfect teacher. But rarely do we view him as a revolutionary.Almost everything he did was completely opposite what others expected. At first, the zealots hoped that he would be their “go … Continue reading

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